Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • SAGD E&P Companies


  • Laricina Energy
  • Cavalier Energy
  • PetroChina
  • CNRL
  • Total
  • Groundstar Resources
  • Oak Point Energy

With The Following Job Titles:

COOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Team Leads & Chiefs Of...

  • Process Engineers
  • Facilities Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Surface Facilities
  • Operations Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Asset Integrity
  • Maintenance
  • Design Phase
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers


  • Comprehensive Facilities Design Companies
  • Facilities Design Consultants
  • In Situ Water Treatment Technology Providers
  • In Situ Steam Production Providers
  • SAGD Evaporators Suppliers
  • SAGD Hot Lime Softener Suppliers
  • Well Pad Facilities Companies
  • Drum Boiler Manufacturers
  • Environmental & Regulatory Consultants
  • Oil Water Separation Chemical Providers
  • Pipeline Companies


Although planned capital expenditure in Alberta's oil sand industry is estimated upwards of $20 billion in 2014, the economics of SAGD operations are becoming increasingly strained in Western Canada with many projects going over schedule and budget due to increasing supplier costs and execution challenges. E&P companies are striving to meet high demands in terms of productivity, yet the economics of operating existing and commissioning new SAGD projects is being threatened due to rising costs.


In light of what is currently happening in the industry, it has become imperative for the Alberta Oil Sands Industry to find a solution that can combat the rising costs of facilities design and process engineering. Facilities design is clearly a cost-critical part of SAGD, and right now, facilities and process engineering managers have the opportunity to drive down these costs by pulling together to exchange design best practices, construction plans and equipment selection case studies.

To this end, the first Facilities Design SAGD 2014 congress is coming to Calgary on December 9-10. Presenters at the solutions-packed congress will examine best practices in key well site areas including equipment selection processes and optimal designs for oil/water separation, water treatment, steam generation and gathering facilities with the overall goal of finding and developing methods to reduce the costs and construction times of developing In Situ Oil Sands facilities.

Expert industry professionals from leading E&P companies will be speaking on the key topics within facilities design to improve the run times and costs of SAGD. Facilities being covered include:

  • Steam Generation Facilities
  • Oil/Water Separation Facilities
  • De-Oiling Facilities
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Pad Vs Centralized Facilities


  • EQUIPMENT SELECTION PROCESSES: Designing and delivering well site production facilities to budget - assessing equipment evaluation and selection processes being used to drive down the capital and maintenance cost of in situ facilities
  • OIL-WATER SEPARATION: Determining the most effective chemicals for use on emulsion and how they are affected by heat and pressure to identify opportunities for improving separation energy efficiency and costs
  • PAD VS CENTRALIZED: Comparing the project logistical and equipment costs of separating and processing gas and liquids on the well pad versus a central facility to determine which yields optimal project economics
  • WATER TREATMENT FACILITIES DESIGN: Analyzing the very latest evaporators, softeners and chemicals being successfully applied to reduce the costs of in situ oil sands production
  • STEAM GENERATOR FACILITIES & SOR REDUCTION: Quantifying the particle tolerance of OTSG's and the impact on steam productivity of new boiler designs
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT & DESIGN EXECUTION: Identifying key construction methods and project management strategies being used to execute facilities designs within time frame and budget


Facilities Design SAGD 2014

...is dedicated to evaluating the latest designs and best practices for bitumen production, water treatment, steam generation and gathering facilities to determine methods for improving the reliability and economics of SAGD in the Alberta Oil Sands Industry.

What will this congress deliver to attendees?

  • THE ONLY CONGRESS FOR FACILITIES ENGINEERS IN CANADA: For the first time in history, a congress has been designed specifically for the facilities and process engineering functions in Western Canada. This means every session has been created to provide delegates with job relevant, applicable insights and solutions to improve design processes
  • COST FOCUSED: Due to the rapidly increasing costs of in situ, and specifically SAGD, oil sands production, the facilities teams that are managing to successfully drive down operational costs are the teams experiencing the greatest degree of success. These teams are also the ones sharing their insights at this congress
  • TURN AROUND TIME REDUCTION: Time equals money and due to the fact turnaround time is such a powerful cost driver in oilfield facilities; presentations are also geared towards providing solutions to achieving this end goal
  • DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE: The program has been designed to offer solutions at every stage of oilfield facilities projects to ensure that overall project time and costs can be reduced
  • CASE STUDY FOCUSED: Rather than supplier led or academic presentations, speakers will deliver practical case studies to provide delegates with tried and tested design methods and project execution plans that can be transferred between companies


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